Saturday, August 7, 2010

2 Page Lay Out: Nut Tree Park

This summer we took the girls to this cute little park that had a train ride and carousel available. We had such an amazing time. I was inspired to do a 2 page LO. So here it is...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Cool findings

Hi Everyone!

Couple things I'd like to share today.... First I found a few AMAZING blogs. The first is a flip book. Dorcas did a fabulous job. I'm super excited to try it out. The other thing I came across was a book made of lunch bags. You can find out how to make it over at Finally, I also came across some more blog candy. Yes I know all I seem to post about is blog candy these days. I want to win something. Haha. I've never one anything and would love to finally win anything. I'd even be happy if it were just a piece of paper. I sound so silly. Oh well here is the link to the blog candy.

On to things I've done. I've created some super cute cards and layouts but haven't had time to post them. This past week has been so crazy and chaotic. I'm hoping to get them up this week since next week will be just as crazy as this week.