Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Road Trip

Tomorrow afternoon we leave for our nice LONG (15 + hour) road trip. I am excited about the trip itself but no so much getting there. I fear the worst with our girls. Being that they are both under 3, who knows how they will react to the long car ride. I am always prepared for whatever they give me but I'm still anxious about it. Hopefully the movies, books, coloring stuff, snacks, and random things I've picked up for $1 will keep them entertained long enough until they get tired, and fall asleep for the night. One can only hope. Lol.

Yesterday, when I went to get the mail, two cartridges were sitting there waiting for me. :) I was so excited I rushed upstairs and opened them right away. I'm such a little kid sometimes I swear. I did manage to do a layout yesterday and hopefully one more today. I'm also hoping I can get pictures up before we leave.

I'm already going thru crafting withdrawals and we haven't even left yet. Lol. On the bright side our time in Washington should be filled with family and friends and new experiences so that's good.

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