Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Struggling with God

I am struggling with my relationship with God and it is really bothering me. Before I moved to California I was really involved with a church. I went on a regular basis, I attended bible studies and was very involved with the youth groups and whatnot. Since I've been here(almost 4 yrs) I have gone to church maybe twice. I can't seem to find a good church. Granted I've only visited two. Granted I haven't looked very hard. At any rate it is really starting to bother me. It would be nice to have Tim go with me and find a church but he doesn't like going to church. He thinks that your relationship with God should be personal, there is no reason to go to church. I on the other hand feel differently. I feel so awkward going to a church I know knowing about. I'm not a fan of walking into a situation I don't know much about. I don't know if I should take both girls and hope they have a good, clean nursery or leave them at home. Why does it have to be so difficult? I suppose I should just bite the bullet and try going every Sunday until I find one that fits. I'm not a fan of "church shopping" but at the same time my relationship with God is dwindling. Settling for a church I'm not happy with is just not an option for me. My ideal church would be...
  • clean, well staffed nursery
  • friendly congregation
  • a pastor who doesn't "preach so to speak"
  • this one might sound a little odd but, young couples with or without kids. (One of the churches I visited was mainly elderly folks. Man I felt so out of place. I was literally the only one under the age of 50)
Perhaps I was just spoiled with my previous church. Ugh I just wish I could find one and make it my new church.

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  1. Did you ever find a Church? You might be able to search around online for some Churches in your area and see if there are any that look good to you. :)